Doily parties weigh in on candidate hotel spending


Another article from the national Better Way To Stay Campaign.  Enjoy!

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 08:13 AM PDT | Doily parties weigh in on candidate hotel spending

The B&B industry is fed up with Presidential politicking. Step aside Romney vs. Obama, innkeepers are sick and tired of the beleaguered stabs by the large lodging lobby. It’s time the Pro Doily loyalists face off with the No Doily anarchists in a battle of Presidential proportions on issues that really matter to voters.  Doilies.

Yet, in an effort toward a non-partisan alliance, there’s one thing the two doily parties can agree upon: Mitt Romney’s nearly $500,000 tab at Marriott Hotels, accrued over the campaign to date is farcical and a slap in the face to small business owners and innkeepers.  Time for both candidates to choose independent businesses over corporate giants.

In a statement released recently by the Pro Doily Party, Presidential candidates were challenged to put their heads in beds where it matters – on a doily! “A doily on every bureau,” is the mantra of the Pro Doily Party. In true partisan form, the No Doily Party counter argued, “While you might find doilies hanging around the Tea Party, we’ll fight any candidate who’s in bed with the doilies,” says the No Doily Party in support of capital punishment for doilies and contemporary styling at inns and B&Bs.

Doily Proud or Doily Free?  Voters weigh in via the Better Way To Stay campaign, complete with campaign videos and more.  Have you voted yet?  Pro Doily or No Doily, cast your vote today.  Click here to vote.

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