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Come Play in Sundance Square

Here are a few of the events being held just outside our front door in Sundance Square Plaza. Come spend the night and enjoy the fun!


Friday, June 19:
Come out on the plaza at 5 p.m. and cheer on the young musicians from the Performing Arts Fort Worth music camp as they perform on the Sundance Square stage area. You will be impressed!

Saturday, June 20:
Yoga is back with a free morning class at 9:00 a.m. All levels are welcome. The classes are presented by Amon G. Carter, Jr. Downtown YMCA instructors. It’s the perfect opportunity to improve your health and peace of mind!

Sunday, June 21:
Looking for a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day? Treat dear old dad to brunch or lunch at one of Sundance Square’s fabulous restaurants, do a little shopping, stop by the TESLA car display, then spend the rest of the afternoon listening to the cool sounds of the Common Ground Jazz Band. The musicians will take the stage at 3:00 pm with the concert ending at 4:30 p.m. Your dad going to love it, promise!

Wednesday, June 24:
Our very popular movie night on the plaza returns with The Lego Movie and our LEGOLAND Discovery Center friends with be on site with fun for the kiddos prior to the feature. You’ll meet a Lego Master Builder and see a great Lego display. Plus, lots of other fun activities await you. Showtime is at dusk.

Friday, June 26:
Sundance Square is proud to be selected as part of the United Relay Across America for Special Olympics. The Unified Relay is crossing all 50 states, and will be celebrated on the plaza with a band performance beginning at 5:30 p.m. Please join us for fun and music, and be a part of this historic event.

If you have any questions regarding the above activity, let us know at

Summer in Sundance Square

Thursday, June 4 – August 31: Wings of the City, artwork of Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin, will be on display this summer throughout the downtown Fort Worth area. The exhibit featuring nine of Marin’s sculptures, will be featured on the Sundance Square Plaza, General Worth Square, the Fort Worth Convention Center, Burnett Park, and the Water Gardens. Make plans to stop by and snap a shot of the “Alas de Mexico” sculpture located on the north side of the plaza.

Scott Barber takes a photo of his wife, Ali, in front of the “Wings of the City” sculpture in Sundance Square on Friday, June 5, 2015. The Barbers, from Birmingham, Ala., were in town for the Rolling Stones concert in Arlington Saturday night.

Wings of the City


Saturday, June 6: Yoga is back with a free morning class at 9:00 a.m. All levels are welcome. The classes are presented by Amon G. Carter, Jr. Downtown YMCA instructors. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, June 7: The Maxwell Hall Jazz Ensemble will be featured on the Sundance Square Plaza Stage at 3:00 pm to 4:30 p.m. This group of talented musicians first got their start as the Alcon Employee Jazz Ensemble back in 2008. Since then, the ensemble has grown and includes many local musicians outside the company. You’ll delight in their wide variety of jazz tunes that include swing, Latin, funk and many other genres.

Monday, June 8: If a Telsa automobile is in your future, check out the Model S vehicle located on the Sundance Square Plaza starting Monday, June 8 through Sunday, June 21.   It’s a must-see!

Wednesday, June 10: Free movie nights return for 2015 with the showing of 101 Dalmatians at dusk. Bring your entire family and enjoy this Disney favorite. Portable chairs and blankets are welcome. Movie nights continue every Wednesday through August 12. For more information and a complete listing of upcoming movies, go to


Traveling Red Chair and Fort Worth Adventures


FORT WORTH, TX – Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas, the city of Cowboys and Culture! The Red Chair visited Etta’s Place in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square around the first of March. Red had a BIG time! He first explored Sundance Square’s new Plaza. Set-up for the Van Cliburn Memorial Concert was underway and Red enjoyed a private performance by one of the concert pianists. Relaxing under the giant umbrellas he noticed the mural of the long horn herd on the back of the Jett building…must get a closer look!

Concert Pianist plays for the Red Chair

Private Performance

A leisurely stroll around the square revealed the Ranch Radio Station, Coyote Urban Boutique, the Dallas Cowboy’s Store, a stop at Cabo Grande for a quick refreshment and Leddy’s Ranch Western Wear where Red insisted on trying on a pair of custom hand made boots! He must have two left feet!! After a long day in the Square, Red made his way back to the inn and lounged among a few friends in Etta’s dining room.

Ranch Radio





The next day, we were off to the famous Stockyards in Fort Worth. Each day the Fort Worth Herd is driven down Exchange Avenue by Real Cowboys (men in starched Wranglers). After watching the Herd stroll down the street (his handler/innkeeper took a side trip on Patrone, a full-blooded long horn bull), Red took a carriage ride to the Cowtown Coliseum, then he stopped by Chef Tim Love’s LOVE SHACK for a tasty burger. And insisted on visiting the famous Billy Bob’s of Texas (it’s a legend) for an evening night cap. After exploring the Stockyards, Red found the new 7th Street Bridge and played among the cars with the skyline of downtown behind him.


All in all we had a fabulous time showing the Red Chair our wonderful city! Happy trails and travel safely Red!!

The Traveling Red Chair Visits Ettas Place

Etta's Place Dining Room

Etta’s Place Dining Room

A simple red wooden chair arrived at Etta’s Place bed and breakfast in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square around the first week in March. And it’s not just any chair. This chair is making its way across the country. Innkeepers nationwide are clamoring to host the chair photographing it throughout their communities coast to coast.

Starting in Cape Cod, the Red Chair journeyed through six New England states on a nine month tour. Now you can follow the Red Chair’s travels on where inspiring photos of the Red Chair can be seen from beaches to bandstands. As it makes its way across nearly twenty additional states more photos and stories will be added until the chair reaches its final destination on the coast of California!

The Red Chair’s journey through Fort Worth will certainly confirm that we are a city of cowboys and culture. We are thrilled that Etta’s Place was chosen to host the chair as it crosses the country and intend to show it the best our city has to offer!

Fort Worth Courthouse

Fort Worth Courthouse

Doily parties weigh in on candidate hotel spending


Another article from the national Better Way To Stay Campaign.  Enjoy!

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 08:13 AM PDT | Doily parties weigh in on candidate hotel spending

The B&B industry is fed up with Presidential politicking. Step aside Romney vs. Obama, innkeepers are sick and tired of the beleaguered stabs by the large lodging lobby. It’s time the Pro Doily loyalists face off with the No Doily anarchists in a battle of Presidential proportions on issues that really matter to voters.  Doilies.

Yet, in an effort toward a non-partisan alliance, there’s one thing the two doily parties can agree upon: Mitt Romney’s nearly $500,000 tab at Marriott Hotels, accrued over the campaign to date is farcical and a slap in the face to small business owners and innkeepers.  Time for both candidates to choose independent businesses over corporate giants.

In a statement released recently by the Pro Doily Party, Presidential candidates were challenged to put their heads in beds where it matters – on a doily! “A doily on every bureau,” is the mantra of the Pro Doily Party. In true partisan form, the No Doily Party counter argued, “While you might find doilies hanging around the Tea Party, we’ll fight any candidate who’s in bed with the doilies,” says the No Doily Party in support of capital punishment for doilies and contemporary styling at inns and B&Bs.

Doily Proud or Doily Free?  Voters weigh in via the Better Way To Stay campaign, complete with campaign videos and more.  Have you voted yet?  Pro Doily or No Doily, cast your vote today.  Click here to vote.

This message is brought to you by the Crochet for a New Day and Liberate Your Furniture Super Pacs. – Experience Today’s Inns and B&Bs

Dump the Presidential politics – Doilies dominate by Marti Maynes | Dump the Presidential politics – Doilies dominate

Getting sick of Presidential politics.? You ain’t seen nothing yet.  Already telemarketers are sneaking into homes at all hours of the day and night and the commericals have begun.  Dump the debates; it’s now time to take a break from Presidential politics and move on to more important issues.  The B&B industry asks all red, white and blue travelers to set aside the political ambitions of Republicans and Democrats and focus on more important issues…the destiny of the doily at today’s inns and B&Bs.

The Better Way To Stay campaign asks all loyal Americans and Canadians to choose their party – Pro Doily or No Doily in Doily Decision 2012, a ground breaking popular vote sure to guide legislation into the future.  Simply go to to view campaign ads from each party then cast your vote.

The Pro Doily party is setting the doily stimulus package at the forefront of their campaign, running on a platform of freedom to crochet for all. “A doily on every surface,” is the mantra of the Pro Doily party, lobbying for tax-free status for doilies among other amendments and supported by the Crochet for a Better Day Super PAC.

The No Doily party maintains doily reform is long overdue, with doily anarchy having gone on long enough at inns and B&Bs.  “Death to Doilies” is the cry of the No Doily Party promising to support capital punishment for doilies and vowing to put an end to doily excess, while eliminating doilies from every bureau in the country. This party is buoyed by the Liberate our Furniture SuperPac.

It’s time to cast your vote on the destiny of the doily.  Choose your party and vote for the future of the doily at today’s inns and B&Bs.  There’s a doily filled or doily free B&B for every true blooded nationalist.  Go to and cast your vote in Doily Decision 2012, then find the B&B that’s perfectly decorated for your taste not to mention tips on finding or burying doilies after Doily Decision 2012 is made.

Before You Vote

Death to Doillies

Check out the videos from the No Doily and the Pro Doily parties.  Then click here to vote. – Experience Today’s Inns and B&Bs

History Lesson

Have you ever wondered what was here before Sundance Square?  I remember going to school in Dallas in the early 1980s.  I would have to drive straight through Fort Worth from my hometown of Odessa to get there.  My parents always reminded me to fill up with gas in Weatherford so I wouldn’t get accidentally stranded near downtown Fort Worth on my way back to Dallas.  I can recall thinking that downtown Fort Worth must really be a pretty scary place!

I marvel at what it has become in the past years and can’t help but wonder what buildings filled these streets that were either too fargone to save or just not recognized as historically significant to the next growth spurt.  The other day, as a construction crew was digging up the Chisholm Trail Parking Lot, my assistant manager, Mona Howell, was talking with a Sundance Square maintenance engineer about his interest in what that construction crew might find as they dug up the ground for the new building being slated for that site.

The engineer went on to say there was once an old hotel there that was imploded and basically just buried over in order to lay the parking lot.  As you can imagine, Mona and I set to nosing around on the internet.  Of course, the more we unearthed so to speak, the more fascinated and curious we became.

We came across historical pictures and explanations of regional and cultural developments and what spurred them.  Eventually we ran across the information regarding what was actually located on the lot known as the Chisholm Trail Parking Lot.  It was the Westbrook Hotel.  It was built in 1910.  Rooms were advertised as being $1 per day and up.  The building was eventually imploded in 1979.  According to what we found that particular lot has been a host site for hotels since 1877.  There is a wonderful website to visit if you would like to learn more about the history of this very interesting area.  Be sure to investigate and browse through the Jack White Collection.  It’s not only impressive but very informative, 

I can’t imagine that construction crew won’t run into some interesting things.  Hopefully, they’ll find a way to put them on display and fuel our imaginations with pictures of our pioneering ambitions.  Downtown was really pretty in the early 1900s.  It seems so very fitting that this new building will be called “The Westbrook Building” in remeberance of the former occupant of the site.  I bet it won’t be selling space for a $1 per day!

Better Way To Stay Series; To B or Not To B&B by Marti Maynes

To B or not to B&B

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 05:29 AM PDT | To B or not to B&B

by Marti Mayne

To B or not to B&B? That is the question for many first-time inngoers.  Fearful of too many rules, teddy bears, dolls with bulging eyes, and being forced to make small talk with guests or the innkeepers, many B&B never-evers have been jaded by unfortunate and improper views portrayed in the media.  Let’s try to clear up some questions and offer ideas for when B&Bs actually are not the best option.

When to B&B – three reasons to choose a B&B

1. If you seek the unique. No two inns and B&Bs are the same.  There are an estimated 25,000 inns and B&Bs in the U.S. and Canada and like snowflakes no two are alike.  For those looking for unique decor and individualized attention, B&Bs are for you.  No cookie cutter, white washed designs here.  You’ll find unusual artwork, antiques, and one-of-a-kind furnishings in each room.  No two rooms at the B&B will be alike and no two B&Bs will be alike. A surprise behind each door.

2. More for your money.  Breakfast? Got it – hot, hearty and healthy each morning at 99-percent of inns and B&Bs.  Late night or afternoon snacks?  Plan on it from 75-percent of inns and B&Bs offering everything from the bottomless cookie jar to coffee and drink stations, guest pantries and more.  Some inns and B&Bs also offer afternoon tea or evening receptions with wine, hors d’oeuvres and more.  Best of all, it’s all included in the cost, so put away the nickels and dimes…or should we say $10s and $20s you’ll need for the infamous mini-bar and breakfast bill at the hotel, and enjoy plenty of extras included in the price at a B&B.

3.  Plan to plug in.  Unknown to many B&B first-timers, you’ll find complimentary wi-fi at more than 95-percent of inns and B&Bs. Surveys have shown that anywhere from 96-percent to 98-percent of inns and B&Bs offer free wi-fi to guests.  Increasingly, you’ll find guest computers and printers, iPod docking stations and TVs in every guest room at inns and B&Bs.  In fact, more than 75 percent of innkeepers recently polled by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International reported they offer TVs for guests.  A new trend we’re seeing more and more are inns and B&Bs offering guests complimentary use of iPads. Some even come equipped with customized apps offering itinerary planning and more.  Yup – all included in the cost of the stay!

When Not to B&B – three times hotels make sense

1.  Creatures of habit are advised to stay away.  For those who don’t wish a surprise behind each guest room door, choose the hotel option.  There you’ll find guest rooms which all look alike throughout the hotel and throughout the chain.  While beds might be heavenly, you will quickly grow used to the look and feel when you travel.

2.  If the mini-bar is your friend, plan to choose a hotel.  You’ll find plenty of $5 waters and $15 cans of almonds, and if you’re traveling on an unlimited corporate budget, this means that raiding the mini-bar late night for that $10 mini-bottle of Sutter Home works well on sleepless nights too.

3.  Got loud, active kids?  Choose a hotel.  The hallways are much longer for them to run and play.  There are more doors at hotels on which to knock and wake guests up, and the beds are undoubtedly much more fun to jump on.  Hotels are a virtual playground for very active children, who love to collect all the bath amenities each and every day. While some inns and B&Bs are geared toward kids – especially farm stays and ranches –  be sure to ask about the amenities for active kids at the inns and B&Bs of your choice.

For great ideas of a better way to stay, visit

A Better Way to Stay

The Professional Association of Innkeepers International has begun a campaign series titled “Better Way to Stay.”  It aims to promote the Bed and Breakfast experience to people who may never have considered alternatives to staying in hotel chains.

In an attempt to help PAII spread the word about the Bed and Breakfast industry, Etta’s Place is sharing this information with you to show you there truly is a “Better Way to Stay.” | B&Bs Timeline

With all this talk about Facebook’s new Timeline format, we thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at the history of B&Bs in North America.  While the boom in today’s inns and B&B experience came in the 1990′s, the B&B tradition dates back centuries to a simpler time in travel.

For a concise look at the B&B industry’s history, we turn to B&B guru, Sandy Soule, author of the first B&B guidebook series and keeper of the title for visiting more inns and B&B than anyone else in the country. Sandy describes the history of the B&B industry below.

History of B&Bs

The tradition of extending hospitality to traveling strangers goes back to the earliest recorded history for almost all religions and cultures worldwide. Other than soldiers and religious pilgrims, travel for business or pleasure primarily started in the 1700s. Scores of “coaching” or “stagecoach” inns, common in England and the eastern United States, typically provided stabling for horses and lodging for travelers; accommodations were extremely modest (at best). The advent of the railroads provided a huge boost in travel comfort, and hundreds of hotels were constructed close to train stations to accommodate growing numbers of travelers.

As the United States and Canada  industrialized, more people had time and the discretionary income for travel; summer escapes from the sweltering cities to cooler mountain or seaside villages became popular. Wealthy families summered in private villas or luxury resorts, while the working classes headed for boarding houses.

During the Great Depression in the United States, taking in boarders to help meet expenses proliferated. Homes located on state routes (this was long before Interstate Highways) often posted signs reading Tourist Home or Guests, where travelers could typically find a room for the night for about $2, usually including breakfast.

Travel to Europe boomed after World War II; a strong U.S. dollar allowed millions of Americans to discover England’s and Ireland’s B&Bs , and equivalent accommodations on the Continent. Throughout the 1980s, the seeds for the B&B boom were planted. Interestingly, although B&Bs in the U.S. and Canada began as informal, inexpensive places to stay with shared baths and minimal amenities, they are now largely luxury accommodations with high levels of comfort, service, and luxury.

The B&B boom in the United States was influenced by several factors:

  • Enjoyment of the B&B experience by millions of Americans who traveled in Europe.
  • The U.S. Bicentennial in 1976 sparked a renewed interest in preserving America’s architectural heritage, and accompanying federal and state legislation provided tax credits for the preservation of historic properties. Many such buildings were on fairly busy roads, making them undesirable for private residences but ideal for conversion into bed and breakfasts; similarly, the large size of thousands of Victorian-era homes made them inappropriate for single families, but perfect for B&Bs.
  • The 1980s saw a rapid growth in the numbers of B&Bs, but despite considerable media coverage, advertising was expensive, and getting listed in the many B&B guidebooks took a year or more.
  • The growth of the Internet provided the biggest boost to the B&B industry, and leveled the playing field so that a bed and breakfast could afford to compete with area hotels, by listing in directories like, and Select, plus participation in state-wide and allied associations, establishing a first-rate website, and offering a safe, secure online booking option.


Today’s inns and B&Bs experience

Today we estimate that there are 25,000 inns and B&Bs in the U.S. and Canada.  While growth in the numbers of new inns and B&Bs has eased with changes in the economy, innkeepers continue to update and accommodate traveler needs.  Nearly 96-percent of inns and B&Bs offer complimentary wi-fi for guests.  More than 75-percent now include TVs in rooms, and virtually 99-percent include a complimentary home cooked breakfast and/or afternoon refreshments for guests – all included in the cost of the stay. Travelers will find more places to plug in and more ways, as inns add i-Pod docking stations, computer and even i-Pads for guests use.

For centuries travelers have been discovering a better way to stay at inns and B&Bs.  Isn’t it time for your next B&B escape?


FREE Movie Nights in Sundance Square

“Stars under the Stars” Presents Cars!
Gateway Parking Lot Date
Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 7:30pm
Welcome back “Stars under the Stars,” the ultimate outdoor cinema experience! We kick off the June movie series with the 2006 action/adventure, animated Disney film, Cars. It’s a movie sure to delight the entire family and admission is still absolutely FREE! This year we have a new location for our “walk-in,” open-air theatre – the Gateway Parking Lot, bordered by 4th Street, Houston Street, 5th Street and Throckmorton Street. Look for the giant 58′ AIRSCREEN (40′ x 20′ viewable surface) video screen – you can’t miss it.

Moviegoers can arrive as early as 7:30 p.m. and the show begins at dusk (around 9 p.m.). Everyone is encouraged to bring blankets or chairs for seating. Folding chairs will also be available for a $2 rental fee.

“To-go” food items from the Sundance Square restaurants may be brought onto the lot but we ask that you do not bring in outside food, drinks or coolers. Schakolad Chocolate Factory will be on site with chocolate goodies and popcorn for sale. Also, Oliver’s Fine Foods (right across the street) is staying open late for food and drink purchases (includes beer and wine) that you can bring onto the lot. We ask, too, that you leave your pets in the comfort and safety of your home due to the large crowds, heat, and abrupt movie noises.

Remember…Parking is always FREE in Sundance Square after 5 p.m. weekdays!

Mark your calendars now for the upcoming “Stars under the Stars” movie nights:

June 14 Secretariat
June 21 Hugo
June 28 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol