The Traveling Red Chair Visits Ettas Place

Etta's Place Dining Room

Etta’s Place Dining Room

A simple red wooden chair arrived at Etta’s Place bed and breakfast in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square around the first week in March. And it’s not just any chair. This chair is making its way across the country. Innkeepers nationwide are clamoring to host the chair photographing it throughout their communities coast to coast.

Starting in Cape Cod, the Red Chair journeyed through six New England states on a nine month tour. Now you can follow the Red Chair’s travels on where inspiring photos of the Red Chair can be seen from beaches to bandstands. As it makes its way across nearly twenty additional states more photos and stories will be added until the chair reaches its final destination on the coast of California!

The Red Chair’s journey through Fort Worth will certainly confirm that we are a city of cowboys and culture. We are thrilled that Etta’s Place was chosen to host the chair as it crosses the country and intend to show it the best our city has to offer!

Fort Worth Courthouse

Fort Worth Courthouse

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