Traveling Red Chair and Fort Worth Adventures


FORT WORTH, TX – Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas, the city of Cowboys and Culture! The Red Chair visited Etta’s Place in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square around the first of March. Red had a BIG time! He first explored Sundance Square’s new Plaza. Set-up for the Van Cliburn Memorial Concert was underway and Red enjoyed a private performance by one of the concert pianists. Relaxing under the giant umbrellas he noticed the mural of the long horn herd on the back of the Jett building…must get a closer look!

Concert Pianist plays for the Red Chair

Private Performance

A leisurely stroll around the square revealed the Ranch Radio Station, Coyote Urban Boutique, the Dallas Cowboy’s Store, a stop at Cabo Grande for a quick refreshment and Leddy’s Ranch Western Wear where Red insisted on trying on a pair of custom hand made boots! He must have two left feet!! After a long day in the Square, Red made his way back to the inn and lounged among a few friends in Etta’s dining room.

Ranch Radio





The next day, we were off to the famous Stockyards in Fort Worth. Each day the Fort Worth Herd is driven down Exchange Avenue by Real Cowboys (men in starched Wranglers). After watching the Herd stroll down the street (his handler/innkeeper took a side trip on Patrone, a full-blooded long horn bull), Red took a carriage ride to the Cowtown Coliseum, then he stopped by Chef Tim Love’s LOVE SHACK for a tasty burger. And insisted on visiting the famous Billy Bob’s of Texas (it’s a legend) for an evening night cap. After exploring the Stockyards, Red found the new 7th Street Bridge and played among the cars with the skyline of downtown behind him.


All in all we had a fabulous time showing the Red Chair our wonderful city! Happy trails and travel safely Red!!

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Explore the many different cuisines and dining experiences available in Sundance Square.

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Etta's Place